Your Ti-Nspire programs are my drug of choice, they are addictive, will enjoy them for rest of my life

Thank you.  I had been hesitating to make the purchase as I had wanted to get the apps for TI Voyage 200; 

but I decided to get the ones for TI-Nspire CAS CX instead, basically because it has more memory available.   

These apps you sell have the potential to become addictive so I most likely will be back for more!  

I think I made the right choice.

So, needless to say, I am very impressed.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Your programs are my drug of choice.  

I am sure to enjoy them for the remainder of my life.  

They are one of the few things worth buying besides food and a good pair of boots.

Impressed with Calculus Made Easy for Ti-Nspire

Hi Mike

I was so impressed with CME that I bought AME and PME and they are both first-rate.

I’ll be buying more as they appear.

Your apps have made the Nspire a lot more useful to me than it was – in fact, I’m beginning to like it quite a lot.

Congratulations on the hard work, I suspect your nspire apps will be even more successful than the Ti89 apps.

Best wishes

TiNspire: Block Matrix Multiplication – Step by Step

Block Matrix Multiplication A*B can be achieved – Step by Step – using the Matrix Made Easy app at www.TiNspireApps.com as follows:

Select the Block Matrix Multiplication in the MENU :

Next enter Matrices A, B and the dimensions of the 2 top left Matrices A11 and B11 which determines how A and B are partitioned:

Continue scrolling down to view the partitioned Matrices A11,A12,A21,A22 and B11,B12,B21,B22 and their multiplications.

Putting together the partial results we finally find the Multiplication Matrix result A*B :

Tinspire CX CAS: Find Volume via Shell Method about axis parallel to y-axis

Using Shell Method for x axis : Rotate the area bounded by y=10-5x, y=0, x = 0 about the x=-1 axis. Luckily, Calculus Made Easy for the Tinspire CX CAS solved this problem instantly, watch below:

Select option R in the menu:

Enter the function, interval and axis of rotation as shown below, the box below shows the setup and solution.

After integrating , the final answer appears:

Algebra – Schritt fuer Schritt – mit dem TiNspire CX

In diesem Video kann man in Detail sehen wie man typische Algebra Aufgaben Schritt fuer Schritt loesen kann. Wir loesen einen Uebungszettel mit 6 Aufgaben ueber Quadratische Gleichungen, Diskriminanten, Scheitelpunkte, Quadratische Ergaenzung, Umschreiben von Exponential und Logarithmus Formen sowie das Loesen von Exponentiellem Bevoelkerungswachstum und Exponential Gleichungen.

Man kann die detaillierten Loesungen in diesem Youtube Video sehen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zETTiyGk2VQ

Aehnliche Schrittweise Loesungen mit dem TiNspire gibt es natuerlich auch in Analysis, Geometrie, Statistik, Chemie, Physik, Finanzmathematik und Wirtschaftsmathematik etc.

Bitte besuchen Sie www.TiNspireApps.com fuer weitere Informationen.

Vielen Dank fuer Ihrer Aufmerksamkeit.

Directional Derivatives using the TiNspire CX – Step by Step

It is straightforward to find Directional Derivatives using the TiNspire CX : just launch Calculus Made Easy at www.tinspireapps.com , select

Directional Derivative in the menu as shown below :

Next enter the given function and the 2 points as shown below:

Scroll down in bottom window to find the directional derivative with all its steps

Biology Made Easy for the TiNspire CX

Great News : Solve Biology problems, Read Biology Definitions & Explanations using the comprehensive Biology Made Easy at www.TiNspireapps.com . It covers many Biology chapters such as Cells, Evolution, Animals, Plants, Genetics, Chemical Binding, Water, pH, Living Organisms, Chemical Groups, Carbon Bonding, Scientific Method, Statistics, Normal, Binomial and Chi-Squared Distributions, Probability, Hardy Weinberg, Growth Models , Geometry and much more.

Trig Identity All-In-One Solver with the TiNspire CX

To Solve Sum and Difference Angle Identities such as
sin(A+B)=sin(A)*cos(B)+cos(A)*sin(B) , etc
start the Trigonometry Made Easy app at www.TiNspireApps.com and select option 7 as shown below:

Next enter the given sine or cosine values and the given quadrants, the solutions show automatically in the bottom box. See below:

And here view the two cosine solutions:

Couldn’t be any simple 😉

Tinspire CX : Finding Partial Derivatives and Gradient

Gradients and Partial Derivatives can be easily found using the Tinspire CX. Just launch the Calculus Made Easy app at www.TiNspireApps.com and select Multivariable Calculus in the menu:

Now select “Partial Derivatives and Gradient”

Enter the given Function and the given Point in the two top boxes. The answer is shown in the bottom box.